Voldt: Your partner in the UK for EV charging cables

Voldt is a leading European manufacturer of high-quality charging cables for electric vehicles. With the growing demand for sustainable mobility, we offer you the best solutions to meet your customers' needs.

We are looking for partners who want to expand our network and work with us on the future of sustainable mobility in the UK. As a European manufacturer of charging cables, we are ready to support and help you grow.

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Your benefits as a Voldt® partner

Voldt offers several benefits to you as our partner. Our charging solutions are entirely produced and manufactured by us in Europe. So our products are always available. Our century long experience in automotive innovation allows us to help you design a tailored charging solution (in your color and brand). We will produce and manufacture your design into a solid, sustainable product. 

We offer optional dropshipping to 15 European countries. Furthermore you receive up to a 40% discount and a 2 year full warranty.

Order directly from European manufacturer

Always in stock

2 year full warranty

Optional dropshipping

We produce and manufacture your tailored product

Up to 40% discount

Pay by 30-days invoice

Flexible and safe charging cables

At Voldt, quality comes first. Our charging cables are manufactured with certified, flexible and wear-resistant cables, produced exclusively in Europe.

What makes our in-house designed charging plugs extra special is that they consist of one piece, without screw connections. This ensures you even more durability and reliability.

  • Dynamic Team Legacy

    With over a century in automotive innovation we combine traditional values with technological advancement. Help us in pioneering the EV landscape with ingenuity and solid product development.

  • Profitable Partnership Model

    Voldt's partnership approach offers an advantageous revenue model, geared towards maximizing growth and profitability for partners. This strategy aligns partner success with Voldt’s premium EV products, ensuring mutual financial benefits and a robust market footprint.

  • Dutch Engineering Excellence

    Voldt's 'Made in the Netherlands' label stands for more than just quality, it's a testament to our commitment to engineering excellence. Each EV charging cable is a product of meticulous Dutch craftsmanship, ensuring top-tier performance and reliability that customers can trust.

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