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What charging cables are available for electric cars?

To connect the electric car to a public charging station (charging mode 3), a type 2 charging cable is required. Type 2 in this case refers to the type of connector/connection on the side of the charging station. There are two types of connectors on the side of the vehicle. These are the IEC 621961 type 1 connector (also known as Yazaki), abbreviated to type 1, and the IEC 621962 type 2 connector (also known as Mennekes), abbreviated to type 2.

Electric car charging cable with type 1 plugs

The type 1 charging cable (J1772) is designed for charging electric vehicles with a maximum output of 3.7 kW. These cables utilise a voltage between 110V and 250V and support a single-phase current of 16A. There are also type 1 charging cables that can handle currents of up to 32A. These have a maximum charging capacity of 7.4 kW. Type 1 charging cables are particularly common in North America. In Europe, older models still use a type 1 plug, e.g. the Mitsubishi Outlander. The type 2 plug (Mennekes) is now standard here. To be able to charge older models, use a type 1 charging cable that you can connect to a type 2 charging station. At Voldt, we also have special adapters to connect your type 2 charging cable to your car with a type 1 plug.

Electric vehicle charging cables with type 2 connectors

The most common charging cables are type 2 and are the standard in Europe. Another term for type 2 charging cable is Mennekes cable, since Mennekes is the manufacturer that developed these charging cables. Both hybrid and fully electric cars use the type 2 connector and many suppliers of charging stations do as well.

Whereas a type 1 charging cable is only suitable for single-phase charging, with a type 2 charging cable it is also possible to charge in three-phase. What is the big advantage? It is much faster and provides better power distribution. Be careful, however, because not all cars with a type 2 charging socket can handle three-phase charging. If the car is not suitable, charging will be slower anyway.

At Voldt you can find type 2 charging cables for most electric cars such as the Tesla Model 3, Volvo V60 PHEV or Mitsubishi Outlander.

A type 2 charging cable has two conductors for single-phase vehicles and four conductors for three-phase vehicles. The four conductors consist of the neutral conductor (N) and the three phase conductors (L1, L2 and L3). Is your car only suitable for single-phase? Then conductors L2 and L3 remain connected. The charge ratio is 11 kW at 16A and 22 kW at 32A.