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Type 1 - type 2 | 1 phase | 32a | 7.4kW charging cable

Type 1 - type 2 | 1 phase | 32a | 7.4kW charging cable

  • Suitable for all charging stations
  • IP65 Protection class
  • CE and TÜV certified
  • 2 year warranty
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This charging cable is suitable for charging stations with a type 2 socket and for all electric cars with a type 1 connection.

Charging station


Optimal performance with maximum power

Are you looking for a reliable, durable and easy-to-use charging cable for your electric car? Then look no further! The Voldt® charging cable with plug type 1, 1 phase, 32A and 7.4 kW has everything you need for worry-free charging. The cable fits all cars with a type 1 plug.

The Voldt® charging cable is equipped with a type 1 plug, 16 amps, with a maximum output of 3.7 kW. This means faster charging times and more efficient charging of your electric car.




1 Phase


3x6mm² + 2x0.5mm²


Type 1 female IEC 62196-2

Type 2 male IEC 62196-2

-30°C - 50°C

IP65 Protection class

CE, UL, TÜV, IEC 62196-1 and IEC 62196-2

2 year warranty

>10,000x insertion/extraction

Mode 3

  • Why can't you extend an EV charging cable?

    It is not possible to extend an EV charging cable because extension cables simply do not exist for it. The contact poles of EV charging cables are designed with specific safety mechanisms and specifications that make extension physically impossible. This design ensures that charging cables are always connected directly to the charging pole and the vehicle, guaranteeing safe and reliable power transfer. Any attempts to create extensions themselves would compromise the integrity of the charging system and could lead to serious safety risks such as overheating, electrical faults, and fire hazards. As a result, the use of extension cables is completely avoided in EV charging technology.

  • What is the difference between the male and female sides of an EV charging cable plug?

    The difference between the male and female sides of an EV charging cable plug lies in their destination. The male plug (IEC 62196-2) is the plug that goes into a charging station. The female plug (IEC 62196-2) is the plug that goes into your car. This ensures a proper usage of the cable. It also makes it impossible to use some sort of extension cable.

  • Are Voldt's charging cables suitable for every charging station in the United Kingdom?

    Yes, Voldt’s Type 1 and Type 2 charging cables are suitable for any charging station in the UK. Be aware that our Type 3 charging cables are only suitable for a Type 3 charging station typically found in France or Italy.

  • How much electricity does charging an electric car consume?

    The power consumption of charging an electric car depends on the capacity of the battery and the efficiency of the charging process. On average, fully charging an electric car with a battery capacity of 60 kWh consumes about 60 kWh of electricity. This means that at a standard household tariff of €0.22 per kWh, the cost of a full charge would be about €13.20. Actual consumption may vary depending on factors such as the state of the battery, charging infrastructure and energy loss during charging. For precise calculations, it is useful to know the specific battery capacity of your vehicle and the local electricity price.

Sustainable and reliable

With an IP65 waterproof rating, the Voldt® charging cable is highly resistant to rain and moisture. This means that you will not have to worry about the cable being damaged by water or weather conditions. This means that you can charge your electric car anytime and anywhere, even in bad weather. Furthermore, the Voldt® type 1 charging cable has an impressive mechanical durability of more than 10,000 plugs and unplugs and an operating temperature of -30°C to 50°C. This means that you can rely on the charging cable in practically any weather condition.

The charging cable also boasts a number of respectable certifications, including CE, UL, TÜV, IEC 62196-1 and IEC 62196-2. These certifications are issued by recognised international bodies and confirm the high quality and safety of the product. The Voldt® charging cable meets the stringent requirements for electrical safety, construction quality and performance, so you can charge your electric car with confidence. With the Voldt® charging cable, you can charge your electric car with peace of mind.

With the Voldt® Type 1 Plug 1 Phase 32A 7.4 kW charging cable, you are choosing a charging cable that is not only reliable and durable, but also weatherproof, suitable for use in a variety of climatic conditions and conforms to the highest safety standards. Is this product still not what you are looking for? Search for your car in our EV and PHEV database.

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