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Voldt Mobile CCS2 40kW Fast charger

Voldt Mobile CCS2 40kW Fast charger

  • Fits into any 63A power outlet
  • Fast charging up to 40 kW
  • Compact moveable design
  • Suitable for any vehicle with a CCS2 connection
  • Optionally available with RFID

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Meet the VOLDT Mobile Fast Charger 40 kW CCS2 - the ultimate solution for quick and easy on-the-go charging of electric cars, buses and trucks. Designed to efficiently and reliably charge CCS2-compatible EVs, this mobile charger offers a seamless experience EV users.

The DC charger is suitable for use in any standard 63A power outlet. The charging plug on the vehicle side is a CCS2 fast charging plug which is the standard connection in Europe for fast charging.

Key Features:

  • 40 kW Fast Charging: With a 40 kW charging capacity, our mobile fast charger offers significantly faster charging times compared to standard chargers. This allows EV owners to get their vehicles back on the road quickly.
  • CCS2 Compatibility: This mobile fast charger is compatible with CCS2 connectors, which is the standard for modern electric vehicles. This ensures broad support and interoperability with a range of EV makes and models.
  • Compact and Portable: With its compact design, this mobile fast charger is easy to transport and set up. This makes it ideal for events, temporary charging points, or areas lacking fixed charging infrastructure.
  • User-friendly Display: The built-in display provides users with instant feedback on the charging process, including the current charging rate, charging status and any error messages. This makes charging simple and transparent.
  • Safe and Reliable: Our mobile fast charger is equipped with advanced protection mechanisms to ensure a safe charging process. Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and temperature monitoring are just some of the built-in features that ensure the safety of both the vehicle and the charger.
  • Future-proof Design: This mobile fast charger has been designed with future developments in EV technology in mind. Thanks to regular firmware updates, the charger remains compatible with new vehicle models and charging standards.



40 kW

3 Phases




CCS2 IEC-62196

63A CEE high-voltage current

-20°C - 70°C

IP54 Protection class

IEC 61851-1, IEC 61851-21-2, ISO/IEC 15118, DIN SPEC 70121, IEC 62196, EN 50620

2 year warranty

>10,000x insertion/extraction


50/60 Hz

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Benefits of CCS2 fast charging:

  • Versatility: Because the CCS2 supports both AC and DC charging, electric vehicle owners can charge at a wide range of charging stations, from slow AC home chargers to ultra-fast DC charging stations.
  • Speed: CCS2 fast chargers can deliver power up to 350 kW. This allows most electric vehicles to be charged to 80% of their capacity in less than 30 minutes.
  • Future-proofing: As CCS2 is the preferred standard in Europe, most new electric vehicles will be compatible with it. This means that infrastructure built today will remain relevant for future generations of vehicles.
  • Safety: The CCS2 standard has been developed with safety in mind. It has multiple safety mechanisms, including temperature monitoring and communication between the vehicle and the charger, to ensure that charging is safe and efficient.

CCS2 fast charging technology is a crucial step towards a comprehensive electric mobility infrastructure in Europe. Not only does it offer high speeds and flexibility, it is also an essential tool to promote the acceptance of electric vehicles among the general public. With increasing adoption, the CCS2 system will continue to play an important role in the future landscape of electric mobility.

Rely on technology without compromise. The Voldt Booster is specifically designed to be compatible with any electric vehicle that has a Type 2 connection. It doesn't matter whether you drive a city car, a spacious family car or a powerful electric SUV - if your vehicle has a Type 2 connection, the Voldt Booster is your reliable charging partner.

No more worrying about compatibility issues or searching for the right charging cable. With the Voldt Booster, you always have the right solution at hand. It is designed with the German market and the high quality standards German car owners expect in mind.

Opt for the Voldt Booster and experience easy, reliable and fast charging, no matter which electric vehicle with Type 2 connection you drive!

Benefits of a mobile fast charger

  • As electric mobility continues to advance, many are looking for flexible charging solutions for their vehicles. This is where mobile fast chargers come into the picture. These devices offer numerous advantages that set them apart from fixed charging stations:
  • Mobility and Flexibility: The biggest advantage is already in the name - they are mobile. Whether on an event site, at a demonstration, or simply as a back-up solution - mobile fast chargers can be taken anywhere and used wherever needed.
  • No permanent installation: At some locations or rental premises, it is not always possible or economically feasible to install a permanent charging station. Here, a mobile fast charger offers the perfect temporary solution.

    Deployment in remote areas: For locations that are not constantly visited by electric vehicles, such as remote hotels or parking areas in nature reserves, a mobile fast charger can be a viable solution without investing in permanent infrastructure.
  • Backup during peak times: During major events or exhibitions, the demand for charging stations may exceed the existing supply. Mobile fast chargers can then serve as additional charging capacity.
  • Quick response time: In case of unexpected failure of the fixed charging infrastructure, mobile chargers can be quickly deployed as replacements to minimise interruptions.
  • Adaptable charging capacity: Many mobile fast chargers offer the ability to adjust charging capacity according to needs and available grid capacity. This provides additional flexibility in different usage scenarios.
  • Cost efficiency: Instead of investing in multiple fixed charging stations, companies can invest in one or two mobile fast chargers and deploy them flexibly according to need.