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At Voldt we have a suitable charging cable for any BMW EV or PHEV for any situation, wherever you are in Europe!

All our charging cables have a 2-year warranty and shipping is free.

 Voldt’s BMW charging cables

As a premium brand emphasizing comfort and performance, BMW was always a natural candidate for EV adoption. Thanks to the German automaker's reputation for producing high-performance premium vehicles, the company has seamlessly transitioned into e-mobility and strives to leverage its vast engineering expertise to help create a sustainable transportation model of tomorrow. The battery-powered BMW i sub-brand started this revolution back in 2011 when the all-electric BMW i3 and a plug-in hybrid BMW i8 first saw the light of day. Since then, the BMW i portfolio has gone back and forth as new models emerged and older ones were discontinued. At the moment, the entire BMW i range consists of post-2020 models, of which seven are readily available within the UK. At Voldt, we naturally offer a BMW charging cable for every single model that's ever been offered in the UK, including the current ones such as the i5 or iX and even the 330e plug-in or the now-discontinued models like the i3 that's started it all.

BMW electric cars 

BMW UK currently offers three all-electric passenger cars, including the i4, i5, and i7 and four all-electric crossovers, such as the iX1, iX2, iX3, and iX. At the same time, the German automaker retains a vast lineup of fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid models ranging from the subcompact 2 Series to the flagship 7 Series models and beyond, thanks to the equally long list of plug-in hybrid crossovers that range from the smaller X1s to the all-new full-size XMs. At Voldt, we share BMW's enthusiasm for a carbon-neutral future of transportation and aim to do our bit by providing charging cables for all BMW models, including the current and discontinued ones, as well as all-electric or plug-in hybrids.

Charging cable technologies for BMW cars

Most BMW EVs - especially those of the newest generation - support wall charging of up to 11kW, for which we offer either 16A/11kW or faster 32A/22kW charging cables. The 22kW charging cables will support new BMW models perfectly fine and still leave room for an upgrade further down the line if BMW decides to incorporate faster charging solutions or you opt for another car. Every single current BMW EV, including the older i8 and most of the i3 models, will be safely and efficiently served by Voldt's BMW charging cables for wall boxes and charging stations. Some of the older BMW i3 models with 22kW batteries boast a lower maximum AC charging rate of 7.4kW, so we recommend corresponding 7.4kW charging cables at the very least. The same works for the new-for-2023 BMW XM and BMW 760e plug-in performance hybrids. Meanwhile, most BMW plug-in hybrids support a maximum charging rate of 3.7kW which can either be supported by our one-phase wall box and charging station cables or faster three-phase 22kW alternatives. At the same time, they'll be right at home with our wide selection of BMW charging cables for household power outlets, including schuko and commando socket connectors. In fact, our schuko charging cable boasts an adjustable 8A - 16A charging capacity, enabling a maximum charging rate of up to 3.7kW, which you won't find anywhere else on the market.

Voldt’s service for you BMW

Voldt's charging cables are manufactured in Europe using high-quality Italian-sourced materials - more durable than other charging solutions on the market, which ensures a smooth and efficient charging experience. The cable conductors themselves are made of fine copper wiring, making them smoother and more resistant to right-angled bends. Meanwhile, the plug casing is a single-piece IP65-rated unit, meaning it's more wear-resistant and has better waterproof capabilities than similar plugs constructed from multiple glued or screwed-together pieces. We offer a 2-year warranty, free shipping within two working days, and free returns on all our charging cables. Voldt's emphasis on quality and added value for the consumer makes our charging cables a perfect fit for all BMW EVs and PHEVs, which, much like our cables, stride to enhance the world of electric mobility and lay a solid foundation for the exciting future of carbon neutrality.


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