The long history of Voldt

Our Story

A family business for over 100 years
In 1907, founder Christoffel De Koff had a vision. He realised that companies in the logistics sector needed specialised deliveries. Then, now and in the future.

De Koff geschiedenis
His expertise in connectivity equipment made him an attractive business partner. Moreover, the passion Christopher had sparked like a spark in the next three generations. Starting in 1986, this led De Koff to become an importer of electric trucks. We supply wholesalers and body shops in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other countries.

In De Koff we realise that this long history is not taken for granted. The knowledge that has been passed down for decades from father to son is what makes us what we are. We are more than just an importer and retailer. We are specialists. We assemble and produce. Logistics is part of our DNA. As is our organisational character. We like short lines and clear solutions. From 2020, for example, our warehouse will be fully automated and connected to a convenient online ordering portal. In 2020 we also moved to a new location. From our hometown of Maarsbergen (Utrecht), we are ready for the future. We are moving forward. With the knowledge of then and now.

From this thought, Voldt was born. The global energy transition is rapidly taking shape. By collaborating with trusted factories in Europe, we can contribute to this transition by providing superior charging cables that facilitate safe and fast charging of electric vehicles.