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Type 2 - angled 16A red commando | 3 phase | Adjustable 8A - 16A | 11kW charging cable

Type 2 - angled 16A red commando | 3 phase | Adjustable 8A - 16A | 11kW charging cable

  • IP65 Protection class
  • CE and TÜV certified
  • 2 year warranty
  • Angular contact
  • Delayed charging available
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This charging cable is suitable for all electric cars with type 2 connection to be connected to an 11 kW 5-pin commando socket.

Power outlet


Charging cable with 5-pin CEE plug

With our European-made mobile charging cable, you can charge in any 16A CEE 5-pole socket.

What sets this charger apart from other charging cables is that the charger we developed is adjustable from 8A to 16A, resulting in it being able to charge your electric car or PHEV up to 11 kW per hour. So this is just as fast as regular wallboxes/charging stations can. This makes this mobile charger a complete alternative to a wallbox/charging station with the advantages that there are zero to little installation costs, and that this charger can also be used in other places.

The mobile charger is IP65 waterproof and complies with all European safety requirements and certifications. In case of overheating, the mobile charger stops automatically, in addition it features over- and undervoltage protection and leak detection.




3 Phases

16 A

5x2.5mm² + 2x0.5mm²


Type 2 female IEC 62196-2

CEE 5-pole 16A IEC 60311

-30°C - 50°C

IP65 Protection class

CE, UL, TÜV, IEC 62196-1 and IEC 62196-2

2 year warranty

>10,000x insertion/extraction


Mode 2

The plugs we have developed are produced in one piece and not glued or screwed together. This makes them stronger, more wear-resistant and more waterproof than other plugs on the market.

The contact pins in the plug are made of 100% copper and then silver-plated to prevent rust and corrosion. The mobile charger is equipped with a clear display that shows, among other things, current strength in Amps, shows the amount of kW charged and displays the status of the car battery.

Delayed charging

Our charger has a delayed charging function and can be set to start charging in a few hours. Power on the charger and connect the vehicle, and then press the adjustment button for 3 seconds to enter the delayed charging mode. Each time you press for 3 seconds, the delay time will increase by one hour, with a max delay of 10 hours. After setting the time, the countdown starts, and charging starts after the countdown ends.

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