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EV charging adapter GBT to CCS2

EV charging adapter GBT to CCS2

  • Suitable for any vehicle with a CCS2 connection
  • Highest safety standards
  • 1000V DC Operating Voltage
  • Dual temperature kill switch
Adapter GBT to CCS2
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Connect a GBT EV Plug to your CCS2 Car side socket with the GBT to CCS2 Adapter

GBT EV plug

Adapter GBT to CCS2

CCS2 Car socket

EV charging adapter GBT to CCS2

Take a step toward the future with our EV charging adapter GBT to CCS2. This essential gadget ensures that any electric vehicle with a CCS2 connection can effortlessly charge at GBT charging stations. Safety comes first; our adapter meets the highest safety standards and is equipped with dual temperature protection that intervenes at extreme temperatures ranging from -30°C to +85°C.

The robust construction guarantees more than 10,000 trouble-free plugs in and out, ensuring durability and long life. With an impressive operating voltage of 1000V DC, you can rely on fast and efficient charging sessions, while the IP65 protection rating ensures that your adapter is resistant to dust and water.

Whether you're taking daily trips or planning long journeys, this EV charging adapter gives you the reliability and compatibility you need. Free yourself from charging restrictions; discover today how our adapter can transform your electric driving experience.






CCS2 EV IEC62893-4.1

GBT 20234.2

-30°C - 85°C

IP65 Protection class


2 year warranty

>10,000x insertion/extraction

Mode 4

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